Dunwich Heath in early August

Amble around the heath in the company of other walkers and the birds – there are lots of paths and you can take a different route on every visit. Enjoy the open heathland or the quiet and cool forests. You may be interested in British Butterflies

Around Weybread & Fressingfield

We parked at the Church in Weybread, but this easy walk could also begin in Fressingfield. We walked in both directions, over three months, on paths through quiet, farming country with the birds and deer for company. c.5.5 miles; c.2.75 hours OS Map, 230, 1:25,000

Dunwich – ‘town’ and heath

A easy circular walk on flat ground and particularly pretty when the heather is in flower, in late August or early September. This walk started at the Coastguard Cottages on Dunwich Heath and included Dunwich and the ruins of the Greyfriars Priory. c.5 miles; 2.5 hours

The Hills of Peasenhall

This easy circuit in the hills surrounding Peasenhall and Sibton starts in Dunwich Lane; it could also start at The White Horse, Sibton, and offers hidden, enclosed paths, surprises, and wide views in an historic area. The walk is pleasant in spring and summer, but it would be muddy in very wet weather. c.6 miles; 3 hours

Around Badingham

This easy, well-signposted walk through farming country is quiet and feels remote, but is only a mile or two from Laxfield. We walked this from the finger post near Sunflower Farm, on the road leading to Hulvertree Farm (Holly Tree Farm?) 4.5 miles, 2 hours

The lost village of Linstead Magna

This easy circuit, starting in the quiet village of Cratfield, is well-known to local people and in the autumn provides lots of blackberries!  It is a quiet and peaceful circuit through farms cultivating grains, oil seed, and sugar beet, in an area which used to be Linstead Magna, the village on the hills above Linstead Parva which lies in…